Blog with the accent…

img_3872.jpgI am Gevorg Babayan, from Armenia, born in 1982…

I am starting this blog to express and share all the thoughts, emotions and memories collected throughout the fall of Soviet Union, the ugly and grey 1990s which like a ghost surrounded us, we didnt ask, we didnt know but they were there…

Periods when people changed, degraded and mutated as you never can imagine, no one believed but it was reality. People who never killed an ant could kill other humans, people who were high level of intellectuals made the most harm to their co-patriots, to their beloved country.

No gender and no age was considered, it was pure survival, this might sound even surreal, like from a book but look at me, look at my country, we exist, we survived however there is a lot to fix yet.

I know that my English is not perfect and there will be many grammar errors but allow me to express my thoughts as they are, let me tell you my story with my accent…

With Love!



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