Country of smarts or the opportunists…?

Шустрый – which google translates as nimble is the word we call the ones who find their place in life quick and smooth. Who collects dividends in every situation, keeps silent when needed, does a step ahead when there is an opportunity.

Well, I find nothing wrong in the desire or demand to have successful future but I can’t understand how possible to live a life when and where you always, literary always counting, competing, collecting…

When, every time you see someone, your brain works only towards the benefit, the interest you might have in the friendship, etc.

However, the worst expression of this “smartness” are those small opportunistic activities like cutting the road while driving, when you walk on the sidewalk and don’t give a way, when someone greets you with a smile but you don’t as you save your emotions.

Waiting in a line, oh come on, are you so stupid? Buying a bread? Choosing the best one, asking the saleswoman million times to show all the breads on the shelf and then making your mind. I was a baker, I tell you, all the breads being baked from the same batch and no difference in the taste if one side is slightly less baked or not.

Please, people, tell me, is it the same everywhere? Every nation is like this? That short sighted benefit oriented behaviors everywhere and all the time? Teaching this to your kids, grandchildren since the cradle? Why? Come on, when you are going to enjoy the life?

Do you think I’m whining because I’m not fitting into this society? Maybe, maybe I’m a looser, but, damn I’m happy, I live my life happy. Even if I don’t have anything now I don’t have also anything to regret and I’m not talking about so much fantastic memories I have collected in my life.

Very often I think of that, why shall I live here, why shall I get into this unhealthy competition of the show off and emptiness? Is this the civilization I want to be associated with? Just I know that wherever I go there will be something major which I won’t like and this is at least my country and if I strive to change something it will be for my homeland.

I know, it sounds very romantic, its all about my patience, lets see how long I will survive…


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